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I'm Madeline

I’ve been shooting portraits for about 10 years now, and I’ve always had a passion for photography; even as a child. I remember my mom buying me those single use Kodak film cameras that you would take to Eckards (yes, Eckards!) to get them developed. And ever since then, I’ve been so drawn to the idea of capturing moments you can’t relive. I love being able to look back and remember an exact moment in time and being able to keep it forever.

I am a Florida native, and call Naples my home. 

I’m based in southwest Florida, but you’ll find me adventuring all over Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. 

My fiancé and I and our son Anthony, German Shepherd, Thor, and our Harlequin Great Dane, Jack frequent the Florida Keys, one day we’d love to actually live there permanently. But for now, you can find me loving life on the dog beach, kayaking and adventuring through all of the local plant nurseries for new plants. 52 houseplants and counting! I love to travel, this year we’re going to North Carolina Michigan, the Bahamas, Colorado and maybe even New Orleans. I’m slowly but surely crossing off all 50 states off my traveling bucket list. 

If there’s anything I love about my own personal photography--it’s that I’m not one for stiff poses and awkward silences, I live for making my clients as comfortable and as excited as possible. It’s one thing to snap a photo, but it’s another to be able to tell a story, make a connection and capture special moments. Your special moments. 

When I’m not playing photographer, my fiance and are probably adventuring to a new science museum with our son, they're total nerds and never stop learning! I love being outside, if it's the beach, or out on the boat-- I'm happiest outside in the fresh air. 

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